Senior/Expert Scala Engineer

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Senior/Expert Scala Engineer

Job description

Could you be the passionate and experienced Scala engineer we’re looking for?

We are building high-quality software for many customers in various domains: ranging from online betting to investment platforms to compiler servers to brick & mortar retails stores.

We deliver high-quality software and give back to the community.

Job requirements

What & How

  • Work with various Scala related technologies. It is usually going to be Scala and Akka running in a public cloud (AWS/Azure/GCP), most likely on some managed Kubernetes service.
  • Tackling distributed systems problems (transactional behaviour, coordination, resilience, scalability).
  • Developing high-quality software with regular code reviews, pair programming sessions and many layers of testing.
  • Rapid delivery to production with small changes.
  • Depending on your preferences you will solve challenges with an emphasis on data engineering or cloud-native/distributed software or Scala tooling.
  • Agile approach (Kanban or Scrum depending on the team).
  • “You’ve created it, you support and maintain” approach.
  • Last but not least - proper, disciplined engineering approach with a focus on providing solid software rather than bare velocity.

What we expect

  • Solid understanding and experience with Scala and it’s an ecosystem (Akka, Monix vs ZIO, FP)
  • Understanding of distributed systems and some polyglot storage experience.
  • Problem solver, not problem seeker
  • Team player
  • Proactiveness and initiative

We have built a company where everyone can influence how we operate and what we are aiming at. We did it on purpose so everyone can participate and create new directions. Now we are looking for people who would like to use that power and influence how VirtusLab is going to feel like in a year or two.