Senior Frontend Engineer - Product

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Senior Frontend Engineer - Product

Job description

We’re looking for an experienced frontend developer who values solving problems for users the most. Your role will be to together with the product designer, manager and fellow product developers learn about users and their problems and propose solutions that will be validated and developed by you. We put high emphasis on team development - upon joining, you and your product manager will work towards setting clear personal objectives for you that will allow you to keep getting better at product development and continuously enhance your technical skillset.

Job requirements

What and how?

  • actively participate in conducting experiments and help discover your product
  • build & test prototypes for value and usability
  • participate in design sessions
  • code the tested solution
  • co-organize product backlog
  • plan & execute shipping of the product
  • deliver support to a type of users
  • provide product marketing & presales with product-specific information

    What we expect?

    • product mindset - “how do I create something that solves a problem for users?”
    • tracked progression into a mid/senior position from entry-level
    • a true team player
    • good understanding of dev tools marketplace
    • self-managed
    • result & outcome-oriented

    We do not expect you to qualify for all of the above points. A good understanding of some of these areas and a willingness to develop expertise in others may be sufficient. We are not concerned with your education or any other formalism. What we are concerned with are your passion, knowledge and experience.