Scala Engineer (Junior)

Scala Engineer (Junior)

Job description

We are building high-quality software in various domains: ranging from smart contracts to investment platforms to compiler servers to brick & mortar retails stores. We create developers tooling starting with Scala 3 itself to tailor-made solutions for the largest Scala monorepos in the world. Read about our projects: Metals (Language Server Protocol), scalafmt (Code formatter) or our TASTY way of (re)writing macros in Scala 3.

Our team delivers high-quality software solving actual problems with modern technology and gives back to the community by supporting open source initiatives, local tech meetups and conferences.

We have built a company where everyone can influence how we operate and what we are aiming at. We believe that everyone should participate and create new directions.

Job requirements

What we expect in general

We do not expect you to have previous experience in Scala. Willingness to learn and develop your skills in the Scala ecosystem is sufficient.