Python Engineer (Regular)

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Python Engineer (Regular)

Job description

If you're keen on using Python in real-life systems, putting Machine Learning prediction and optimization models to production
If you’re enthusiastic to work with a large-scale, on-premise cluster extended with cloud-based solutions

If you like to work in a team of talented and passionate Software Engineers, developing your programming skills

If you’re eager to share your experience, help others, and serve as a technical guide, leading by example

If you like to contribute to the open-source community

Then we have some good news for you! We are looking for someone just like you.

We want you in our team!

Job requirements

What & How

We value a good understanding of the best code practices and at the same time friendly and open atmosphere at work. You’ll be working in a cross-functional team for a major global retailer, shaping solutions for hybrid cloud infrastructure (Hadoop, Apache Spark, Azure), automated CI/CD pipelines, and IaaC solutions. We value rapid delivery and use either a Scrum or a Kanban approach. We peer-review 100% of our code and yes, we test the code thoroughly. Last, but not least, we cooperate with each other and value teamwork. We believe that good work-life balance is important for your development and satisfaction and we do highly value your time, passion, and dedication.

What we expect

We are looking for a team player who:

  • has proven experience in Python (knowledge of JVM languages is a plus),
  • has at least basic knowledge of (py)Spark and Hadoop stack,
  • has experience with Linux environments,
  • maintains high code quality and is able to manage software complexity by good design choices and proper testing,
  • understands the best practices principles and has knowledge of fundamental data structures and algorithms
  • has fluency in English language, as seamless communication is one of the most important aspects of software projects,
  • last, but not least, is a team player (happy to learn, help, share responsibilities and contribute to the team success