Python Engineer (ML)

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  • Kraków, Poland

Python Engineer (ML)

Job description

Have you heard about VirtusLab? We are professionals in the IT world. We value a good understanding of the best code practices and at the same time good and open atmosphere at work.

If you’re passionate about your work...

If you like to work in a team of talented and passionate Software Engineers, developing your programming skills...

If you’re interested in building Machine Learning pipelines, working very closely with top Data Scientists on a variety of prediction and optimization problems…

If you’re excited to work with a large-scale, on-premise cluster extended with cutting edge, flexible, cloud-based solutions…

If you like to contribute to the open-source community...

...then we have some good news for you!

We are looking for someone just like you.

We want you in our team!

Job requirements

What & How

You’ll be working in a cross-functional team for one of the biggest retailers on the planet, using a hybrid cloud infrastructure (Hadoop, Apache Spark, Azure), fully automated CI/CD pipelines, and IaaC solutions. We value rapid delivery and use a mixed Scrum-Kanban approach. We peer-review 100% of our code and yes, we test the code thoroughly. Last, but not least, we cooperate with each other and value teamwork. We believe that a good work-life balance is important for your development and satisfaction and we do highly value your time, passion, and dedication.

What we expect

We are looking for a team player who:

- is fluent in Python (knowledge of JVM languages is a plus),

- has good knowledge of fundamental data structures and algorithms,

- has at least basic knowledge of (py)Spark and Hadoop stack,

- is familiar with Linux environments.

- is passionate about managing software complexity with good design choices,

- understands the value of best practices regarding code quality (DRY, YAGNI, SOLID, KISS, composition vs inheritance?)

- has fluency in English language (also spoken), as seamless communication is one of the most important aspects of software projects,

- last, but not least, is a team player (happy to learn, help, share responsibilities and contribute to the team success)

We don't expect you to be an expert in everything but you should put heart into your work, be curious, ambitious, diligent and willing to learn.