Java to be Scala

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Java to be Scala

Job description

This position is for a project for one of the largest financial institutions in the world. The main objective is to build a highly available & insanely scalable bitemporal data processing engine built with Scala and modern cloud technologies like Azure, Kubernetes, Kafka, Terraform, and Docker. It is one of the biggest Scala codebases in the world (over 8 million lines of code) and it’s deployed with data centers all across the world.

Job requirements

What & How 

If you are thinking about doing a step from Java to Scala we will help you with that transition! To facilitate it, depending on the needs, we are providing mentoring, internal training with certified Lightbend trainers, and a practice period in the internal projects. We are working on several interesting project areas which we can match with your interests, but for example you could: 

  • dive into the world of JVM and Graal benchmarks and optimizations to increase overall system performance and reliability 
  • develop multi-platform, reactive, highly scalable UI framework with the capability of auto-generating frontend components based on the backend data 

Our standards include: 

  • code peer-review enhanced by automatic analysis 
  • continuous integration and deployment 
  • security/vulnerability scanning 
  • full ownership of the created solution 

What we expect 

  • Experience with building complex software systems 
  • Hands-on software engineer rather than a programmer 
  • Proficiency with Java, Scala, or other JVM-based languages 
  • Solid knowledge and understanding of structures, algorithms, and general programming principles
  • Experience with Git
  • Communicative English, both written and verbal