Frontend Engineer

  • Carvallar
  • Rzeszów, Kraków, Poland

Frontend Engineer

Job description

We’re looking for a team player for a small, cross-functional team of talented and passionate Software Engineers responsible for designing, building and maintaining most successful applications of varying scale and complexity. Working with a cloud-native stack of state-of-the-art technologies and modern development approaches that work. Solving real-world data-intensive problems.

Job requirements


  • Cutting-edge data-intensive systems for one of the leading global retailers
  • Multi-platform, JS-based solutions for in-company communication and management
  • Efficient media providing & monitoring services for global advertising platform
  • Data-intensive application in for insurance industry


  • Great teamwork and knowledge sharing
  • Wide range of supercharged JavaScript technologies and toolset
  • The reactive approach across logic layers with NestJS, rxJS
  • 100% type safety provided by TypeScript
  • Crafting shared, reusable and easy to plug-in code thanks to Lerna
  • Testing in real, not only on paper with Jest, TestCafe or even own Selenide based framework
  • Cross-platform, lightweight & mobile-first progressive web applications
  • Delightful user-centric massive data visualizations
  • Self-managed and independent teams of passionate developers

    What we expect?

    • Team-player eager to learn and share
    • Interest in solving challenging problems using state-of-the-art techniques
    • Appreciation and continually improved understanding of the universal rules of software engineering
    • Fluent in JS
    • Being always one step ahead of industry
    • Able to develop high-quality code
    • Able to self-organize & manage work
    • Communicative English, both written and verbal