Frontend Engineer

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Frontend Engineer

Job description

We’re looking for a team player for a small, cross-functional team of talented and passionate Software Engineers responsible for designing, building and maintaining most successful applications of varying scale and complexity. Working with a cloud-native stack of state-of-the-art technologies and modern development approaches that work. Solving real-world data-intensive problems.

Job requirements


  • Cutting-edge data-intensive systems for one of the leading global retailers
  • Multi-platform, JS-based solutions for in-company communication and management
  • Efficient media providing & monitoring services for global advertising platform
  • Data-intensive application in for insurance industry


  • Great teamwork and knowledge sharing
  • Wide range of supercharged JavaScript technologies and toolset
  • The reactive approach across logic layers with NestJS, rxJS
  • 100% type safety provided by TypeScript
  • Crafting shared, reusable and easy to plug-in code thanks to Lerna
  • Testing in real, not only on paper with Jest, TestCafe or even own Selenide based framework
  • Cross-platform, lightweight & mobile-first progressive web applications
  • Delightful user-centric massive data visualizations
  • Self-managed and independent teams of passionate developers

What we expect?

  • Team-player eager to learn and share
  • Interest in solving challenging problems using state-of-the-art techniques
  • Appreciation and continually improved understanding of the universal rules of software engineering
  • Fluent in JS
  • Being always one step ahead of industry
  • Able to develop high-quality code
  • Able to self-organize & manage work
  • Communicative English, both written and verbal

We do not expect you to qualify for all of the above points. A good understanding of some of these areas and a willingness to develop expertise in others may be sufficient. We are not concerned with your education or any other formalism. What we are concerned with are your passion, knowledge and experience.