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Bazel Engineer

RemoteKraków, Rzeszów, Kielce, Małopolskie, Poland

Job description

We are #VLteam - tech enthusiasts constantly striving for growth. The team is our foundation, that's why we care the most about the friendly atmosphere, a lot of self-development opportunities and good working conditions. Trust and autonomy are two essential qualities that drive our performance. We simply believe in the idea of ​​“measuring outcomes, not hours”. Join us & see for yourself!

Job requirements

Bazel Engineer (Senior)

-Bazel (Advanced)
-Python / Starlark (Regular)
-C++ tooling and ecosystem (not the language itself) (Advanced)
- knowledge of another ecosystem (JVM, .Net, Rust, NPM, etc.) (nice to have)
- IDE internals/plugins (VS Code, IntelliJ, CLion, and other JetBarins' IDEs) (nice to have)

What we expect in general

- Experience in developing solutions around building tools, maintaining CI/CD, and other aspects of SDLC.
- Experience with Bazel is key; however, a candidate with a solid track record with other build tools and a willingness to learn would be a match as well
- Communication skills and a pragmatic approach to problem-solving
- Ability to work as a part of a team and communicate well
- Pro-active approach to problem-solving, without hesitation in reaching out for help
- Being self-driven and self-managing tasks
- Being open to speaking publicly, writing a blog post, and generally interacting with developers is a solid plus, as well as, strong multitasking skills. Willingness to mentor and teach others is also welcome

We do not expect you to qualify for all of the above points. A good understanding of some of these areas and a willingness to develop expertise in others may be sufficient. We are not concerned with your education or any other formalism. What we are concerned with are your passion, knowledge, and experience.